creepiest basketball commercial ever

This is quite possibly the creepiest, scariest basketball commercial I will ever see in my life. It features the Toronto Raptors new off season acquisition, Reggie Evans (whose full name is Reginald Jamaal Evans).


Gov. of Ontario Sues Tobacco Industry

Recently the Ontario, BC and New Brunswick governments have decided to launch a lawsuit against the tobacco producers of Canada to “recover health-care costs from tobacco companies”.

This just shows how desperate these governments are get money as they’ve resorted to pretty much stealing money from the companies. These people know how much money they make from taxing the tobacco industry, which is why despite Ontario having extremely strict smoking laws, the government has never outright banned smoking or the selling of cigarettes. They know if that if they banned smoking, they would lose billions in tax dollars.

And now, these billions aren’t enough so they’ve decided to cheat the companies out of more money on the hypocritical grounds that they’re merely trying to recover the money the health care industry. If the government is really concerned about health, they can just ban smoking all together, instead going through the tedious process to come up with new, useless rules against smoking (how the hell does removing the cigarette cartons from shelves prevent smoking?).

While the government is recouping these losses, why don’t they sue automakers for health care costs incurred from auto incidents, or fast food chains for causing heart problems?


Rashard Lewis and the Flawed NBA Drug test

Last week, NBA star Rashard Lewis failed a routine drug test, it was found that he had elevated levels of steroids in his urine and was suspended 10 games.

Now I agree that steroids and performance enhancing drugs should be banned from competitive sports, but being suspended from elevated levels of testosterone is ridiculous. The drug that Lewis took was an over-the-counter substance called DHEA (I know the wikipedia article says this it’s a steroid, but fact of life: some steroids are naturally produced by the body)found in many many supplements that you can by at nutrition stores. It causes elevated levels of testosterone AND ESTROGEN in the human body, in fact, it would be more common to have higher estrogen levels than testosterone in men who use this a supplement. Studies have shown that the affects of DHEA on the human body are negligible.

Needless to say, Lewis’ suspension is ridiculous and is an example of the the flawed system used by professional sports organizations to ensure their players are ‘clean’. The reason why DHEA is a banned substance isn’t because the scientists who work for the NBA/MLB/NFL are mindless and don’t know what chemical does what, but rather it’s a result of the media scrutiny of professional sports organizations for the possibility that their players use banned substances, when only one of those organizations has a significant track record of players involved in the use of PEDs.

When news of Rashard Lewis’ test results broke up, the response from the community was absurd. Many people questioned the long term effects of this chemical without doing any kind of research on their own, and even more questioned the use the PEDs in the NBA when only 6 players in the start of the drug test program (1999) of the NBA have tested positive for steroids. Six players! One of baseball’s numerous test results from 2003 show more than 10 players who have used PEDs!

I know the affects of steroids goes beyond that of simply strength – increased endurance, agility, etc. However, these abilities still diminish the fact that the athlete needs to have just as many soft skills as athletic skills in order to perform well (Jamario Moon, Josh Smith, Fred Jones, just to name a few who lack the former). Some athletes have amazing leaping abilities, and are incredibly fast, but if they don’t know when to run and when to jump, what’s the point of having such skills? Barry Bonds is the most famous user of PEDs, but everyone forgets that he is one of the only players who’s ever hit 40 home runs and had 40 stolen bases in one season. Sure he can’t do that now because of his steroid abuse, but people shouldn’t forget the kind of player he was before he used and PEDs. Just like how people should remember that Rashard Lewis is already a great player who’s both athletically and mentally gifted, and that this occurrence was an honest mistake.



Have you ever heard a squirrel’s cry?  It’s fucking annoying, especially when you’re trying to nap and those assholes are outside your window.  You get up, throw some pants on then go chase them up a tree and throw rocks at them, but they still cry.



It’s 1 in the morning andI know this is late, but my roommate is watching it so I thought about it.  This movie is absolutely amazing.  If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now.  The plot builds up to an incredibly powerful climax that leaves you speechless.  The movie also goes to identify a lot of the racial issues happening in our world (America) today (3 years ago).  The actors do a great job portraying their various roles, whether it be a troubled cop, a thug, or a confused television producer.

I’m pretty sure the only movies that can match this are Armageddon and Click.  Oops, forgot about Die Hard series (how can you not like a movie with the name “Die Hard 2: Die Harder”).


top teams

The off season is not quite done but who cares, Lamar Odom will probably sign with the Lakers and everything in LA will be the same as before.  Elsewhere, teams have been making drastic changes in order to contend for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.  Orlando gave up 3 starters to add Matt Barnes and his 5 ppg and Vince Carter and CJ Watson, Cleveland added Shaq, Boston went out and got Rasheed and the Spurs got Jefferson.

The best of those 4 moves, I believe, is San Antonio trading for Jefferson.  They gave up many old timers to get a decent scorer back, but I don’t think this will put them over the top.  They lost 4-1 against the Mavs last year, and the Mavs ended up losting 4-1 to the Nuggets, so can the Spurs even match up with Denver?  I don’t think so.  Denver’s offense is too potent to be fully contained and their defense isn’t half bad either.

Cleveland adding Shaq would be the next best move.  This gives Lebron his first legitimate partner (c’mon, Mo Willaims?), and a big man to challenge Dwight Howard, look for them to challenge Orlando for the crown of the East next May.

Orlando’s moves are.. iffy at best.  They gave up 3 key players (Hedo, Lee, Rafer) to get the aging Vince Carter.  If they hadn’t dipped deep into luxury tax territory to keep Gortat, get Bass, Barnes and CJ Watson, they would have no chance of repeating their run.

Danny Ainge, you tried the exact same thing 2 years ago when you gave up all those players for KG and Ray Allen, and you got lucky when Rondo developed and all your role players stepped up.  Now, you’re doing the same thing except you’re giving up 2 great role players for Rasheed Wallace, another role player.  Rasheed Wallace is way past his prime.  Who’s going to step up now?  Brian Scalabrine?  Have fun being swept by the Cavs/Magic


the growing workload

monday: material science lab, material science quiz

tuesday : statics bridge project

wednesday: circuits prelab(?)

thursday: nothing?!

friday:  massive programming project that requires implementations from 2 previous projects (i still have no idea what how to do some of it)

tuesday the 28th (last day of classes): statics quiz

I hope I don’t get white hair  from all this.


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